About us

Treasure Coast Cultural Festival, Inc. (TCCF) is a non-profit organization under 501(c)3, with a passion for Haiti and its people. The main purpose of the organization is to bring the Haitian community together and to teach the young Haitian-Americans and all nations about the culture of Haiti. 

The founder, Carole King, was born in Haiti, but raised in Guadeloupe. She visited Haiti a couple times but didn’t know much and didn’t see much about the country. All she knew was the Haiti that was portrayed in the media; which was not too appealing to her. However, it was in 2009, when Carole and her family had a little getaway in Haiti, that she realized that Haiti is not as bad as they said. Her perception of the country drastically changed; she saw the beautiful side of the country and fell in love with it.

Along with her family she visited many cities such as Petionville, Jacmel, Aux Cayes and wants to visit more and more cities. She also has an endeavor to learn more about the culture and the history of Haiti. That is where her vision came from.

Carole came up with the idea of bringing a piece of Haiti on the Treasure Coast by organizing -with the help of  her family and other volunteers- the Haitian Flag Day Festival that is celebrated on May 18th as it is one of the significant days of the month of May in the Haitian history. The purpose of the festival is bringing the Haitian community together and revive some memories of the typical “Fet Drapo”. It is also to educate the young Haitian-Americans and all nations about the rich culture of Haiti and its traditions. The event offers a big parade, vendors selling some delicious Haitian foods, art expo, live music and many more activities for all ages. There is also a pageant where one person of each age group is crowned as the TCCF ambassador.

Because Carole and her team at Treasure Coast Cultural Festival, Inc. want everyone to enjoy that event, there is no admission fee. It’s FREE!!! So come out every May 18th, invite friends and family, take the day off and let’s celebrate our Flag that we are so proud of. Let’s bring the positive side of our country. As the slogan of the TCCF,Inc. says, “REMEMBER TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!”.

Aside from the Haitian Flag Day, the organization  will bring a variety of other fun events. Stay tuned for more!!!

Carole King


Carmel Vericain