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Giving back to the community

At TCCF we believe in togetherness. When we come together we can accomplish great things. That is why we join forces with other people or organizations to help in the betterment of our community.

Construction of a Canal at Massacre river in Ouanaminthe, Haiti

As many of you already know or heard, the population of Ouanaminthe, Haiti took matters into their own hands to build an irrigation canal at the Massacre River, which is at the border of Dominican Republic and Haiti. This canal is to help with the agriculture in the area. The Dominican Republic president is giving them a hard time and tries to stop them in their work although the work is being done on Haiti side. It is our duty at TCCF as a Haitian organization to support our brothers and sisters in this journey. This is fundraising is to help in the construction of the canal. This is an historic moment. Be a part of this movement by donating whatever amount that is possible to you. Remember together we are stronger!

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